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Greetings, my Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I pray you had a blessed Christmas and that you were able to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the “reason for the season”, the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The world was in a dark and bad place, and God sent His Son to enlighten and brighten the world of His love, mercy and grace. For that we need to go and do for others, share the “good news” and BE “the hands and feet of Christ”.

It was a busy and blessed year for our Ministry. Because of many various activities, the love of God was demonstrated to a great many people and the seeds for seeking our “living Savior” were planted. Thank You to all who participated this year in Disaster Relief, food distribution, counseling, mentoring and worship activities. The following is a short description of activities for 2017: In January we began Disaster Relief (DR) and rebuild efforts in Sellers, SC; February had us continuing our efforts in Sellers; In March, the Executive Board met in WV, ABMen participated in the Baptist World Alliance Executive Meeting in Falls Church, VA and DR continued in Sellers; Men and women continued to provide assistance in Sellers in April and the ladies also joined the men as we provided assistance to Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, WI; more DR work was performed in Sellers in May; an ABMen DR team traveled to Muskogee, OK in June in response to storm damage to a motel used for student housing; Several Regions reported short term DR efforts in their own communities; ABMen-USA was represented at the ABC-USA Biennial in Portland, OR; August found ABMen DR teams continuing efforts in Sellers, SC,while the ABMen-USA Executive Board attended the ABMen-USA Annual National Men’s Conference at Camp ARAWANA at Portland, OR, where the Board approved an ABMen-USA sponsored Mission Trip to Nicaragua in the Fall of 2018; Men and Women came together again in September for the “Fall Work Party” at Green Lake Conference Center, while DR Teams continued efforts in Sellers, SC, and local Region communities—while other DR Teams began working in Lake Charles, LA and Houston, TX after hurricanes Harvey and Irma; during the month of October, ABMen’s Sunday was celebrated in ABC churches throughout the country, while DR Teams continued their efforts in Lake Charles, LA and Houston, TX, and the ABMen-USA Executive Board met again in WV; November and December saw the ABMen-USA DR Teams continuing to assist those affected by hurricanes in Lake Charles, LA and Houston, TX.
Very busy year, would you agree? There were many opportunities to minister to those who are lost and hurting and many thanks of appreciation were heard and new relationships established with Jesus and His “Good News” at the center of it all.

Once again the American Baptist Men, with the support of many of our ABW Sisters, have demonstrated their love of God and His creation. We strive to “bring men and young men into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ”. We do that through MEN, Missions-Evangelism- and Nurturing. Missions is the gateway to our Evangelism. If we don’t go to those who are lost or in need of assistance, how will they feel and know of the love of Christ and how He wants them to know they are so important to Him. I THANK YOU for meeting the challenges that were thrown at us in 2017. It was a very busy and tiring excursion for many, I’m sure. However, your rest break will be short lived, so please prepare now for another very busy year in Minstry.

The people of Puerto Rico are suffering greatly from the devastating effects of hurricane Maria, even after so many months. The stories of darkness and despair are heartbreaking. The American Baptist Home Mission Societies is working hard to collect one-million dollars for providing necessary assistance to the many who have been affected so badly by this hurricane. YOU CAN HELP! Please consider going to the ABHMS web site and/or to and donate what you can to help restore the lives of the people of Puerto Rico. Jack Cobb, ABMen-USA National Disaster Relief Coordinator, is in consultations with MS Vicki Goff of ABHMS, working to determine the dates and locations for ABMen-USA Disaster Relief Teams to be activated for assistance in Puerto Rico. Please consider and be in prayer about your ability to assist in this effort. We hope to begin sending teams to Puerto Rico in February and ABHMS has called this to be a three year campaign. So, please be ready to answer the call once again.

Other activities planned for 2018 are: Bi-annual Disaster Relief Training Conference in Nebraska in March; return to Green Lake Conference Center for the “Work Party” the first week of April; we will return to Bacone College in Muskogee, OK the second week of June to continue our efforts to improve the facilities there; in September, we will return to Green Lake Conference Center on September 7-9 for the American Baptist Men-USA Conference-the Keynote Speaker is Dr. Jerry Cain, former President of Judson University; THEN beginning Sunday Afternoon on September 9th, we begin the September “Work Week” until September 14th for those who wish to remain for that activity: October 14th is Men’s Sunday and ABMen-USA is sponsoring a Mission Trip to Nicaragua in November.

I pray you will consider participating in many of these opportunities to serve and to fellowship. If you have any questions concerning the information I have presented, please contact me or Jack Cobb for assistance. I Thank You again for your dedication to service for Jesus and I look forward to being with you in the field helping others, mentoring and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
In His Service,
Lucky Ray Jack Cobb
Executive Director, ABMen-USA ABMen-USA National DR Coordinator 304-549-9285 304-206-8462


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