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August 30, 2017

Dear ABMen Brothers in Christ;

ABMen USA endeavors to provide representation and communication to all ABC Regions and ABM USA Districts including making sure all regional and local men might be aware of mission and ministry needs. I wanted to update you on recent ministry communications in response to Hurricane Harvey.

American Baptists are members of the North American Baptist Fellowship (NABF) which includes most Baptist denominations across America and Canada including of course ABMen USA and the Texas Baptist Men. The Texas folks are the “big dogs”, well funded and well organized, and we thank God for their ministry. All of the participating NABF organizations have specific “specialties” in terms of what they bring to the recovery table and while there may be regional variations, ABMen USA Disaster Relief is typically a ministry resource for labor, chainsaw & debris removal teams, mud-out services and re-build support following such a disaster. A perfect example of that are the continuing efforts in Sellers, SC following Hurricane Matthew, where teams from West Virginia will make their 6th trip back to that community in just a few days. Our ministry responds wherever needed, tending to seek out the elderly, the poor or the uninsured.

As a men’s ministry we essentially provide clean up labor and re-construction skills. However, much like following Hurricane Katrina, the current response is focused on rescue and rescue support priorities at this time both in SE Texas and SW Louisiana and the call for our response is weeks or more away. A coordinated response is extremely critical to its effectiveness and our information is that it will be several weeks before waters will recede to the point where NABF teams, including ABMen USA Disaster Relief National Coordinator Jack Cobb, will travel to the Texas / Louisiana region to survey the area and identify needs and details of a coming national call for volunteers. For that national call work sites need to be identified and locations for housing & feeding responders need to be arranged. As in the past, ABMen USA and American Baptist Homes Mission Societies (ABHMS) are working together on our response.

Ironically just last week at our National Board meetings in Oregon, ABHMS informed us that approval had been received on a joint grant application (ABHMS / ABM USA) we had submitted for 2 mobile disaster shower trailers, something we have needed many times over the last 10 years. ABMen USA will man and maintain these trailers and one will be staged on the East Coast and the other in the Midwest once construction and delivery are complete - but it’s not known when they will be available to us if at all in regard to this response.

I also wanted to share that I was told yesterday that in anticipation of a national ABMen USA disaster response, our banking partner, Christian Community Credit Union has pledged to match every dollar raised for our relief efforts toward Hurricane Harvey, up to 5000.00.

The reality of this event indicates initially that this may well surpass the needs realized following Hurricane Katrina. This will be a long journey for that region and ABMen USA, along with ABHMS, are working to make sure those willing and able to respond can do so safely and directly to a needed community.

Please continue to pray for all of the first responders, volunteers and the hundreds of thousands of people displaced and affected by Hurricane Harvey. If you or your men’s groups wish to further support our mission at this time, you can send your monetary donations to:

c/o Dave Cross – Treasurer
223 Maple Street
Athens, Pa 18810

Or donate through our website at

May we always be up to HIS challenge.

Bob Slechta
American Baptist Men, USA





Dear Brothers in Christ,

Greetings! We appreciate your continued partnership in serving as the “hands and feet of Christ” for over 90 years, “…bringing men and boys into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ” through Missions, Evangelism and Nurturing.

Mandate: We provide physical, spiritual and financial resources in over 30 regions across the country. Consequently, to maintain and further our ministry — conferences, workshops, speakers, training, travel and Disaster Relief assistance end up as major expenses.

A Call for Further Partnership and Fellowship: Due to the economic downturn, the continued tightening of the public purse and thus lower rates of giving, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to continue to provide all of the benefits we offer the various Districts, Regions and local men’s groups in the over 5,000 churches of ABC-USA.  Also for consideration, are the partnerships we have developed with other men’s ministries, inter- alia: National Coalition of Men’s Ministries; Iron Sharpens Iron; Man in the Mirror; Pray 21; and, the Baptist World Alliance Men’s Department.

How can you help?

Key Contributor Campaign: I am inviting all ABMen to join the campaign by committing to a donation of $100.00 per year.

Contributors will receive a very attractive key shaped lapel pin, only 1.25 inches long, identifying them as a “Key Contributor” to ABMen’s Ministries (seen above is a replica of the pin). The amount of $100 may seem great as a whole; however, consider how many things you consume in your daily lives which are somewhat inexpensive, such as a few sodas, a fast food meal, or even a movie rental. Just $8.33 set aside each month equals to $100 for the year, providing you opportunities to respond to and witness to others concerning the purpose of the pin.

Our goal is to have at least 1,000 men of the several hundred thousand American Baptist Men in ABC-USA to participate in this campaign. We believe that if everyone who participates recruits 10 others — then we will reach our annual funding goal quickly.

Your valuable contribution will allow us to continue to be the “hands and feet of Christ” supporting and equipping servants that are called to serve Him in all areas of ABMen Ministries.

You can show your continued support by donating at any time during the year.

Checks should be made payable to “ABMen-USA” and mailed to the address below.

Dave Cross, Treasurer ABMen USA
2083 Lower Parchment Valley Road
Ripley , WV 25271


Donations may also be made on-line at using PayPal or click on Donation Page and select purpose of donation, “Annual Key Contributor” and select “Operating Fund”

Please, prayerfully consider partnering with us by being a “Key Contributor”

 In His Service,

Kenna “Lucky” Ray

President, ABMen-USA