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My Observations of the

ABC-USA World Mission Conference At Green Lake Conference Center

Green Lake, WI July 2016

I was only able to attend the World Mission Conference at Green Lake on Monday through Wednesday. I was very impressed with the dedication and conviction of the Missionaries in attendance. All of them expressed a great love for Jesus Christ and are very dedicated to “inviting people to be disciples of Jesus Christ”, which is the theme. The Praise and Worship singers from “The Way Community Center” of Nashville, Tennessee were outstanding.

Walt White, a global Consultant, spoke of the difficulties in witnessing to Muslims. He referred to 2nd Corinthians 6 and Colossians, explaining how we should not put obstacles in the way in trying to reveal the Gospel to others. We need to take time to listen and learn. Walt said, “Jesus’ actions interpreted His words and His words interpreted His actions.” Meaning, we need to act along with speaking.

Cuvila Tomas of Angola, spoke about the political and economic strife which almost devastated the church. But the seeds planted by missionaries in the 1800’s still grows. The Rev. Dr. Anjo Keikung, of India, said that over half of the 7,000 churches have no pastor and they need training, while Taku Longkumer excitedly said that members of the Christian faith in India increased by 17%.

Ruth Deborst, of Costa Rica, exhorted the audience to live as a body of servants and let Jesus be our peace. She also said that we should not pledge allegiance to the Ceasars of the world, but to the Prince of peace.

Juan Aragon of WV and new Missionary to Mexico, presented Tuesday morning’s devotional by the Lone Pine Point next to the lake. He spoke of the faith of the friends of the paralytic who made a hole in the roof so Jesus could heal him.

President of Green Lake, Ben Mott, said we should pay attention to the “spiritual acoustics” of Green Lake Conference Center.

Rev. Dr. Reid Trulson, retiring Executive Director of IM, was emcee for “Masterpiece Missions” moment. He spoke of the trials, travels and testimony of Missionary Ms. Baker Ingles in Burma. Rev. Sharon Koh was presented as the new Executive Director of IM.

J.D. Reed from WV, Missionary to Bolivia, spoke of a new “School of Leaders”, which was developed for the many Pastors who cannot attend seminary. He also said that, soon, 9 out of 10 people in Bolivia will be living in the cities, migrating from the countryside.

After an emotional time of recognition and tributes to retiring Reid Trulson, Dr. Susan Gillies, Interim ABC-USA General Secretary, reminded the attendees that “God has invited you here. God may have a deeper purpose fit for your life. Open yourself up for what God truly has in store for you. He wants to use you in different ways. You will be blessed.”

I was truly blessed for the time I was there. I am excited about the caliber and dedication of the Missionaries that ABC-USA is sending forth into the world of International Missions.

Kenna S. “Lucky” Ray

Executive Director, ABMen-USA