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ABMen at Green Lake 2015



I am very proud of the response we had for the April 2015 project at Green Lake Conference Center in Wisconsin. A group of 25 volunteers from 5 states had a wonderful week of fun, fellowship, and great food and we completed many tasks necessary to help prepare the facility for the 2015 season. Some of those tasks included: cutting lumber, sanding and staining nearly 1000 pieces used in assembling bunk beds; cutting trees and clearing brush; painting, much painting; preparing the green house for Spring; removing bathroom stalls and a wall to remodel for ADA compliance; preparing a ceiling in the Pillsbury building for a new ceiling; and many other small jobs. Attached is a note from Brad Carroll, VP of Operations, offering his thanks and appreciation for a job well done. I, too, thank you for your answering the call. ABMen-USA has had a long and fruitful relationship with Green Lake, and we look forward to a continued partnership, working with a very professional staff and enjoying all the great facilities that the Green Lake Conference Center offers its guests. If you haven’t been there, please consider Green Lake for your next family, church, association or regional conferences or gatherings. You will enjoy beauty, serenity and many fun activities while being served by a competent and caring staff.
In the group picture are: From Illinois-Chuck & Bev Searcy, Mark Nelson, Ronald Jacobs, and Paul & Gail Stivers. From Indiana-Cheryl Bingemer. From Kansas- Bill & Margo Humenczuk. From Wisconsin-Butch Vander Velden, Ron Stacey, Paul Richards, Ron Westby, and Charles Dunning ( I was pleased to have Charles with us representing the Southern Baptist Men). From West Virginia-Lucky Ray, Dave Hannon, Jack Cobb, Susannah Bradbury, Gene and Joyce McVicker, Jerry Walter, John Holt, Mike Hood, and Tom and Carol Dale. In the other picture is Brad Carroll, VP Operations at Green Lake and his Maintenance Director, Ted Dominowski. Both of these men are wonderful to work with and I thank them for their dedication, professionalism and the great treatment we received.
Be sure to plan to mark your calendars for our return trip to Green Lake in September, 2015. The dates are: September 20-travel day, work September 21 to 25 Then September 27-travel day, work September 28 to October 2. You call and say that you will be participating in the “ABMen Work Project” and tell them the days that you will be there. You can come for a week or a day, whatever is convenient for you. However, the groups for each week cannot be more than 50. So, plan early, call early and don’t miss another great opportunity to receive God’s blessings.
Lucky Ray
Executive Director

Hi Lucky:

Here’s an article I did on the week. It was really a great group and a great week. I wish everyone could have stayed the entire week. Thanks for all you did to make it happen. We’re looking forward to fall. Thanks again. I did post it on your AB Men’s facebook page. I’m not sure that gets a lot of looks, but it is free publicity.

The American Baptist Assembly/ Green Lake Conference Center was blessed to have the help of 25 AB Men USA participants last week, April 7-12. They contributed close to 900 hours of volunteer labor to Green Lake. In dollars that’s a savings of $18,500. Their skills and talents helped varnish and build 48 bunk beds, paint and continue to improve conditions to Roger Williams Inn, install a ceiling grid system for a new ceiling in Lakeview meeting room, assist with green house work and flowers that will help beatify the grounds later this summer and they continues to remove dead trees from an area that suffered a fire in 2011. We can’t thank you all enough. Volunteering has a strong legacy at Green Lake and the American Baptist Men have been volunteering at Green Lake since 1944. We are honored and stand with you as you continue to provide such faithful Christian service to those in need around our country and the world.

Brad Carroll
Vice President of Operations
Green Lake Conference Center
920-294-7384 – Office
Thanks, again to all who participated. This information with pictures will be posted on the website,