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I recently returned from New Jersey with Jack Cobb, ABMen-USA Disaster Relief Coordinator. You may already know that a group from the Great Rivers Region spent a successful week cutting and removing trees and other projects. We spent some time with the group from New York State Region, who also cut and removed trees and provided other forms of assistance to many families. The men and women volunteers have been emotionally moved and spiritually blessed by the response to their efforts. Many families have been displaced and emotionally beaten down. I am very proud of our teams. They have demonstrated a willingness to serve as the hands and feet of Christ and have shown great compassion for those they met. As Jack parked his car at the “Rescue Center” of one community, a lady noticed his ABM/DR signs on the car. She ran to us and asked, “Are you the angels we’ve been praying for?” Actually, as we talked to several home owners about what we can do for them, we heard comments such as ; “Where have you been”; “I can’t believe you do this for nothing.”; “You are a God send.” When one man asked Jack what we charge for our work, Jack replied, ”A simple thank you is enough.” The man was astounded that people would do what we do for nothing. This is a really special ministry blessed by God. YOU ARE the ministry and I can’t thank you enough for leaving your families and giving your time, talent and treasure to help those in need.

Another sad part about this response to “Sandy” is that it will be a long term event. The Great Rivers and NYS teams have returned home, but groups from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, West Virginia and more from NYS will begin a tour in NJ on December 10, 2012 for a yet to be determined ending date. After the holidays, more “Teams” will be needed for quite some time performing  “mudouts”, some tree work and some minor “rebuild” efforts. If you want to participate, go to or contact Jack Cobb at . We will need to know who is coming and arrival times  in order to provide the necessary logistics for food and lodging.

Also, we must remember that ministry is expensive. Funds are needed for food, fuel, lodging, tools and equipment for the “Work Teams”. If your men’s group, church or friends would like to donate a tax deductible gift directly to the ABMen-USA Disaster Relief Ministry, send them to , or they can mail their donations to ABMen-USA Disaster Relief, PO Box 1019, Parkersburg, WV 26102.



Lucky Ray

President, ABMen-USA

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