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ABMen Green Lake Work Party Project List

Hello, Volunteers. Many of you have registered for the September ABMen-USA Work Party at Green Lake, September 18-24. I thank you for your service. Below is the list of work projects provided by Ted Dominowski of Green Lake. The list is varied and long. We are not expected to complete everything on the list and some things may be held back to be done in case of a rainy day. Please look over the list and try to determine which items you or you and your group would prefer to work on. If you can determine a project that you wish to work on, please let me know. We will not be able to do everything, as some requires major construction effort. However, I think we can do a great deal of it. Please pray about what you would like to participate in and whether you have personal tools you wish to bring. Again, if you can determine what project interests you most, please let me know before September 15th. Thanks, again for your desire to help. lucky

From: Ted Dominowski

Maintenance Director

Green Lake Conference Center

Paint exterior of camp bath houses (3 units)

Paint Apartment House 1 interior  (rain day)

Paint cellar door at CWC and Shaw

Paint new tennis court practice wall

Spray sealer on lower section of Judson tower

Split and bundle camp fire wood

Drop and section up dead pines for fire wood

Replace several railroad tie steps leading to Judson tower

Asphalt road repair on Abbey Drive

Build and Install block & tackle lift rig for road salter equipment

Frame in small upper wood walls on north & south hall (roof area)

Make fire starter kits  (easy project done in doors)

Jack up and repair sagging floor in south hall (Install shoring)  –   Carpentry skills require

Remove two wall mount unit heaters at Lone tree Lodge and install A/C units w/ sleeves

Frame and shingle small roof system at Stambaugh pump room –   Carpentry skills required

Cut brush at Anderson cabins

                       Stone fence Rd (laundry to Carroll Youth Center

                       Stone House Rd

Wash window exteriors at main dining room

Lucky Ray

Executive Director, ABMen-USA