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Greetings VOLUNTEERS. I pray your summer is going well and the Lord is blessing you daily. Fall is around the corner and I’m sure plans are being made for last minute trips and family gatherings before school and other time requirements take control of your lives. As you may recall,  ABMen-USA Disaster Relief teams have been working in Sellers, SC.  Hurricane Matthew flooded this small, poor community in October 2016. There are still people living with friends or other family members because their own homes are not yet livable.

Jack Cobb, ABMen-USA Disaster Relief Coordinator and I will return to Sellers on Sunday, September 3, 2017 to work from Monday, September 4, 2017 to Saturday afternoon, September 9th. The work projects include rehabilitating floors, walls, electrical and other actions necessary for getting these deserving and grateful families back in their homes.

Yes, we are calling for a work party during the “Labor” Day week. What better way to spend “Labor” Day than to “Labor” in the Mission Field for Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen!  I have become very close to many of the people of Sellers and find them to be God loving, precious friends, who truly appreciate the smallest sacrifice we might do for them. Many of them are elderly, some with medical issues and some are not employed. But they are very deserving of whatever we can do to help bring their lives back to normalcy.

Please prayerfully consider joining us in Sellers, SC during “Labor” Day week. Perhaps you can join us for only a day or two, but any help will be greatly appreciated. We enjoy great fellowship with co-laborers and the local people of the community. Sellers is located on US route 301 and is about an hour from Myrtle Beach, SC. We stay at the Community Center located at 2635 Main St, Sellers, SC 29592. We sleep on Red Cross cots and prepare some of our meals and others are provided. We have a rudimentary shower stall fabricated in the janitor’s closet. You will need a sleeping bag and pillow or sheets and blanket and personal items such as towels, wash cloth, soap, etc.

Please contact me by August 25, 2017 if you plan to join us in this mission experience. God will bless you!


Lucky Ray

Executive Director, ABMen-USA



Good morning;


As the incoming President of ABMen USA I am continuing in my effort to connect with mens ministry contacts and region ministry contacts within my direct area.   I do apologize if these emails seem pestering to your office as I only want to find the best contact to get the word out quickly and to the correct people.  Any assistance or suggestions of who I should speak to and how we may communicate with your Region are always appreciated.




ABMen USA earlier this month at its Annual Meeting agreed to enter into a continuing relationship of support for Bacone College as we (ABMen USA) continue to re-affirm our ABC ministry and mission support throughout the country.


Recently Jack Cobb our National Disaster Relief Coordinator issued a call for help following a tornado event that directly hit the college campus in July 2016, the 2nd tornado to strike the campus since last Christmas.  A link to this story can be found using the following URL which can be pasted into your browser: . I initially sent this information to most of my data base but realize many have been busy with end of summer and family obligations.


An initial team of 3-4 men from West Virginia has arrived on campus over the weekend to continue repairs that ABMen began in early June. I am hoping to get word out again ASAP to any that may have time or desire to assist in the current efforts and I would ask if there is any one you might suggest that I might speak with in the mens ministry’s of your Region that also might be willing or wanting to participate with this call.




Currently the call for a ABM USA disaster relief in response to assist in the Louisiana flooding clean up is in a standby pattern as we wait for word from ABHMS, VOAD or other local entity who will work with ABMen USA to organize the call of our ministry.  We typically follow this protocol in order to make sure there are specific contacts in place for our teams when they travel in response to a disaster such as this and to insure the logistics of where and when we report.  This would also include insurance coverage, food and housing options if made available.   If we are activated for this disaster I will be sure to immediately assist Jack Cobb in getting the word out in our area.


If any teams from your area might be already planning a response independently or through connections they already have in place to the area please update me as well if you think about it so we can offer any resources ABMen might also have available to them, if possible.


First Crow Indian Baptist Church – Lodge Grass, Montana 


ABMen USA is working with the local pastor and ABHMS to coordinate help to install HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing services within the First Crow Indian Baptist Church new church building in Lodge Grass, Montana the end of September and first of October as noted on the attached flyer and bulletin insert.  Please consider whether any interest exists in responding to this ABMen request for help prior to the Montana winter sets in.  For information you may contact Cody Pollington directly or Luck Ray, ABMen USA Executive Director.

Thank you for all you do for all of our ABC ministries. 

Striving to be the hands and feet of Jesus,


Bob Slechta

12736 Martha St

Omaha NE 68144

402-677-0618 (C)