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Hopi Indian Project: Texas and Vermont/New Hampshire Unite

“If they obey and serve Him, they shall spend their days in prosperity and their years in pleasantness and joy”, says Job 36:11. “When you step out for the Lord’s work, He will back you up”, said Pastor Walt Landers in one of his sermons.

About one hundred miles into the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona there is a village called Second Mesa. On this mesa is part of the Hope Indian Reservation. Sunlight Community Church sits about two thirds the way to the top of this mesa. The stone church was built around the year 1900 and was restored in 1950. Sixty three years later it needed some more help.

The American Baptist Men USA have taken on an upkeep endeavor for approximately one year to be completed by May 1, 2013. Some snowbirds from New Hampshire have been involved with the Tree of Life Church of San Angelo, Texas. Under the leadership of Pastor Walt Landers the TLC Church family responded to an invitation to become involved. TLC sent John Rowoldt, a building contractor, and his able assistant, Paul Templin. Joining forces with Clive and Carlene Roberts and Darlene Bouwens, they excavated for an office building foundation, formed footings and placed steel rebar, and mixed and poured cement footings. Before the concrete was completely set the cement blocks were added with steel rebar uprights and concrete block cores were completely filled with anchor bolts placed where needed.

Day two began with setting sill plates and structural lumber decked with three quarter inch plywood. Two exterior walls were put in place. A three thousand gallon water tank was taken down and removed. Interior walls in the parsonage were taken apart to chase down a plumbing vent problem.

Day three brought two more walls on the office building, cement sidewalk repair, plumbing parts and repair to the interior vent to roof and roof repair work was completed. Concrete blocks, old sheet rock and other debris were dealt with and earthwork was accomplished beside the basketball court for appearance and safety benefits.

On day four the Texas crew left for their fourteen hour trip home. More cleanup and other things were finished by the New Hampshire crew.

On day five the New Hampshire people packed up and went to the Sunlight Community Church Service. They worshipped with the Hopi Indians and received the pastor’s scripture lesson together.

During the church service the American Baptist Men’s Team arrived from West Virginia. The progress was discussed and the torch was passed to them. The New Hampshire Team started their trip home. It is always a blessing to be involved with the Lord’s work.

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