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What is Happing NOW


Hello, again, my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. You may recall an earlier request for volunteers in Sellers, SC, a small poor community that suffered greatly from hurricane Matthew in October, 2016. We have been housed at the Library / Community Center, sleeping on cots and using a primitive shower. We have been making home repairs including electrical and installing sheetrock and flooring. We still have floors to repair, minor roof repair and electrical to do. More needs to be done.  ABMen-USA are planning to return to Sellers on Monday, May 15,  to Saturday, May 20, 2017. Yes, this is the day after Easter Sunday. Please consider how many days you can participate. The people of Sellers are very friendly, engaging and appreciative of any help they receive and they are very deserving. Please contact me and let me know what days you plan to be there so we can prepare for you. You will need a sleeping bag, (or sheets and blanket) pillow, toiletries, towel and wash cloth, etc. You may bring any personal tools if you want. Please contact me at the e-mail address or phone number below. Thanks, again for all y’all do for our Ministry and for the Lord in being the hands and feet of Christ.

Lucky Ray

Executive Director, ABMen-USA




Lodge Grass, Montana Crow Indian community needs help with new church–interior construction

I am sending out a national call for volunteers to assist the Lodge Grass, MT Crow Indian community in the rebuild of their church which was destroyed by flood in 2011.  They have reconstructed a new wood frame building but need help finishing it,  The priority is to get heat in the structure before winter. HVAC installation is the primary project. All HVAC material is scheduled for delivery to the site prior to the dates of the work party.  Design/layout sketches will be available  Plumbing and electrical are secondary projects.

Cody Pollington is the project leader.

We apologize for the lateness of this request, but there has been some difficultly coordinating with local professionals who are trying to get time off to assist in the project. If anyone is interested in joining me on this project let me know.  The sooner the better !

The scheduled dates are the last two weeks of September so my plan is to work the week of 9/17 at Green Lake and then proceed to Montana.  I can stay in Montana for either one or two weeks depending on the desires of the group.

The distance from Green Lake is ~1010 miles.  Distance from Scott Depot is 1668 miles.

Jack Cobb

American Baptist Men-USA

Disaster Relief Coordinator