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What is Happing NOW



Greetings VOLUNTEERS. I pray your summer is going well and the Lord is blessing you daily. Fall is around the corner and I’m sure plans are being made for last minute trips and family gatherings before school and other time requirements take control of your lives. As you may recall,  ABMen-USA Disaster Relief teams have been working in Sellers, SC.  Hurricane Matthew flooded this small, poor community in October 2016. There are still people living with friends or other family members because their own homes are not yet livable.

Jack Cobb, ABMen-USA Disaster Relief Coordinator and I will return to Sellers on Sunday, September 3, 2017 to work from Monday, September 4, 2017 to Saturday afternoon, September 9th. The work projects include rehabilitating floors, walls, electrical and other actions necessary for getting these deserving and grateful families back in their homes.

Yes, we are calling for a work party during the “Labor” Day week. What better way to spend “Labor” Day than to “Labor” in the Mission Field for Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen!  I have become very close to many of the people of Sellers and find them to be God loving, precious friends, who truly appreciate the smallest sacrifice we might do for them. Many of them are elderly, some with medical issues and some are not employed. But they are very deserving of whatever we can do to help bring their lives back to normalcy.

Please prayerfully consider joining us in Sellers, SC during “Labor” Day week. Perhaps you can join us for only a day or two, but any help will be greatly appreciated. We enjoy great fellowship with co-laborers and the local people of the community. Sellers is located on US route 301 and is about an hour from Myrtle Beach, SC. We stay at the Community Center located at 2635 Main St, Sellers, SC 29592. We sleep on Red Cross cots and prepare some of our meals and others are provided. We have a rudimentary shower stall fabricated in the janitor’s closet. You will need a sleeping bag and pillow or sheets and blanket and personal items such as towels, wash cloth, soap, etc.

Please contact me by August 25, 2017 if you plan to join us in this mission experience. God will bless you!


Lucky Ray

Executive Director, ABMen-USA


Return to HOPI LAND 2013

PHASE I of the ABMen-USA-Arizona-Hopi Mission was a success. We completed many projects and established many new relationships. Our work improved the ability for Sunlight Community Church to better serve the community of Second Mesa, AZ. I can’t thank the volunteers enough for the dedication to task, professionalism of the work and the loving and caring attitude toward the Hopi community. You did make a difference in the lives of many.

PHASE II is now in the planning stages. The estimated start date is Monday, April 8, 2013. It is anticipated to last at least three weeks. Requests for volunteer registrations will be posted soon. The start date depends on how soon we can reach our funding goal, estimated to be $25, 000 to $30,000. The project includes refurbishing the basketball court with concrete repair, new lighting, erecting new backboards and a fence to secure the area. We will also be erecting a two story multi-purpose building to be used for the youth and others in the community with various needs. A new septic system is also planned and we will expand and improve the playground area. Other mini-projects at the church complex and surrounding area will also be addressed.

Please be in prayer about your participation in this Mission for the Hopi Indians. They are very deserving of the improvements we can make in their daily lives. Please consider how you can help fund this project. Ask your church to add the “ABMen-USA-Hopi Mission” to your budget for next year. Gospel sings, yard sales, hot dog sales and special offerings are other good ways to raise funds. Offerings collected during the Annual ABMen Prayer Breakfast scheduled for February 23, 2012 could be designated to this project. If you wish to donate to this Mission Project using a credit card, go to our website, and “click” on “DONATIONS” and follow the prompts to donate to “HOPI”. Checks should be made to “ABMen-USA-HOPI” and mailed to ABMen-USA, PO Box 1019, Parkersburg, WV 26102.

Please pray for the HOPI people and for this ABMen-USA-HOPI-Mission. Pray for the funding to be supplied quickly. Pray for the safety of those who volunteer for this Mission. Pray for the lives of the Hopi people to be positively influenced and improved by those who volunteer to be the “hands and feet of Christ” to proclaim the Gospel in deed and word.


Lucky Ray

President, ABMen-USA

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