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August 30, 2017

Dear ABMen Brothers in Christ;

ABMen USA endeavors to provide representation and communication to all ABC Regions and ABM USA Districts including making sure all regional and local men might be aware of mission and ministry needs. I wanted to update you on recent ministry communications in response to Hurricane Harvey.

American Baptists are members of the North American Baptist Fellowship (NABF) which includes most Baptist denominations across America and Canada including of course ABMen USA and the Texas Baptist Men. The Texas folks are the “big dogs”, well funded and well organized, and we thank God for their ministry. All of the participating NABF organizations have specific “specialties” in terms of what they bring to the recovery table and while there may be regional variations, ABMen USA Disaster Relief is typically a ministry resource for labor, chainsaw & debris removal teams, mud-out services and re-build support following such a disaster. A perfect example of that are the continuing efforts in Sellers, SC following Hurricane Matthew, where teams from West Virginia will make their 6th trip back to that community in just a few days. Our ministry responds wherever needed, tending to seek out the elderly, the poor or the uninsured.

As a men’s ministry we essentially provide clean up labor and re-construction skills. However, much like following Hurricane Katrina, the current response is focused on rescue and rescue support priorities at this time both in SE Texas and SW Louisiana and the call for our response is weeks or more away. A coordinated response is extremely critical to its effectiveness and our information is that it will be several weeks before waters will recede to the point where NABF teams, including ABMen USA Disaster Relief National Coordinator Jack Cobb, will travel to the Texas / Louisiana region to survey the area and identify needs and details of a coming national call for volunteers. For that national call work sites need to be identified and locations for housing & feeding responders need to be arranged. As in the past, ABMen USA and American Baptist Homes Mission Societies (ABHMS) are working together on our response.

Ironically just last week at our National Board meetings in Oregon, ABHMS informed us that approval had been received on a joint grant application (ABHMS / ABM USA) we had submitted for 2 mobile disaster shower trailers, something we have needed many times over the last 10 years. ABMen USA will man and maintain these trailers and one will be staged on the East Coast and the other in the Midwest once construction and delivery are complete - but it’s not known when they will be available to us if at all in regard to this response.

I also wanted to share that I was told yesterday that in anticipation of a national ABMen USA disaster response, our banking partner, Christian Community Credit Union has pledged to match every dollar raised for our relief efforts toward Hurricane Harvey, up to 5000.00.

The reality of this event indicates initially that this may well surpass the needs realized following Hurricane Katrina. This will be a long journey for that region and ABMen USA, along with ABHMS, are working to make sure those willing and able to respond can do so safely and directly to a needed community.

Please continue to pray for all of the first responders, volunteers and the hundreds of thousands of people displaced and affected by Hurricane Harvey. If you or your men’s groups wish to further support our mission at this time, you can send your monetary donations to:

c/o Dave Cross – Treasurer
223 Maple Street
Athens, Pa 18810

Or donate through our website at

May we always be up to HIS challenge.

Bob Slechta
American Baptist Men, USA


Return to HOPI LAND 2013

PHASE I of the ABMen-USA-Arizona-Hopi Mission was a success. We completed many projects and established many new relationships. Our work improved the ability for Sunlight Community Church to better serve the community of Second Mesa, AZ. I can’t thank the volunteers enough for the dedication to task, professionalism of the work and the loving and caring attitude toward the Hopi community. You did make a difference in the lives of many.

PHASE II is now in the planning stages. The estimated start date is Monday, April 8, 2013. It is anticipated to last at least three weeks. Requests for volunteer registrations will be posted soon. The start date depends on how soon we can reach our funding goal, estimated to be $25, 000 to $30,000. The project includes refurbishing the basketball court with concrete repair, new lighting, erecting new backboards and a fence to secure the area. We will also be erecting a two story multi-purpose building to be used for the youth and others in the community with various needs. A new septic system is also planned and we will expand and improve the playground area. Other mini-projects at the church complex and surrounding area will also be addressed.

Please be in prayer about your participation in this Mission for the Hopi Indians. They are very deserving of the improvements we can make in their daily lives. Please consider how you can help fund this project. Ask your church to add the “ABMen-USA-Hopi Mission” to your budget for next year. Gospel sings, yard sales, hot dog sales and special offerings are other good ways to raise funds. Offerings collected during the Annual ABMen Prayer Breakfast scheduled for February 23, 2012 could be designated to this project. If you wish to donate to this Mission Project using a credit card, go to our website, and “click” on “DONATIONS” and follow the prompts to donate to “HOPI”. Checks should be made to “ABMen-USA-HOPI” and mailed to ABMen-USA, PO Box 1019, Parkersburg, WV 26102.

Please pray for the HOPI people and for this ABMen-USA-HOPI-Mission. Pray for the funding to be supplied quickly. Pray for the safety of those who volunteer for this Mission. Pray for the lives of the Hopi people to be positively influenced and improved by those who volunteer to be the “hands and feet of Christ” to proclaim the Gospel in deed and word.


Lucky Ray

President, ABMen-USA

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