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To bring men and boys into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

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The Word   2 Timothy 2:2  “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.”
     We know we must be men of the word.  We have heard the word – the word of God’s love, His plan and His grace.  We have heard the word – The word of our sin, our national sin and our natural sin, brokenness and fallen nature.  We have also heard the amazing good news of God’s remedy for our sin problem.  Jesus Christ is the redeemer, healer, savior and our hope.  Finally, we have heard THE WORD – The Word of the gift and our opportunity to respond to Him, to His call, to His offer of forgiveness and hope.   These are the things we have heard.
     But the challenge and question is:  What will we do with what we have heard?  Will we keep it to ourselves?  Will we keep it in our churches?  Will we keep it in our men’s groups or fellowships?  The call is to entrust, trust, empower, give away, share and spread this amazing word to others.  Not just any others but others that are reliable.  Are you reliable? Can He trust us?  Will we spread this good news?  Good news loses power if not shared for healing, love, forgiveness and for the future.
    Practical application suggestions:  Select a yet to be saved neighbor or friend that you pray for the opportunity everyday to share this message with.  Make a new friend. We often have few yet to be saved friends, please make a new friend. Ask permission with your new friend – permission to share your story – your testimony.  Keep it simple. Keep it relational. Keep it relative to the world they live in (Re-read Acts 8 if you need an example). The word must be shared with others that will share it too.
The Warnings   Romans 12:2  “Do not conform to the pattern of this world…”
     Our world is struggling. Our young men are suffering. Men are dealing with a world that now is experiencing a fatherless generation with serious consequences.    Note the following warnings all around us:
  • 65% of youth suicides today are from fatherless homes.
  • 90% of all homeless and runaway youth are from fatherless homes – 32 times higher than average. 
  • 80% of rapists come from fatherless homes. 
  • 71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes. 
  • 85% of youth incarcerations in prison today are from fatherless homes. 
  • 90% of youth arsonists have no father at home. 
Without strong Godly men leading marriages, families, children and church we are in trouble. We need men, fathers, disciples, leaders, models, examples and mentoring.  We need men of God in the word of God led by the spirit of God teaching the children of God – many without fathers.  We have been warned.   The patterns of this world are not working.  Be a Godly pattern for the younger generation.  Blame no one else, the warnings are for us, for the body of Christ.

The Watchfulness   Matthew 24:42  “Therefore keep watch…”
    The context of Matthew’s challenge to watch was the return of Jesus Christ.  But we do not know when and we must live like it might be today.  Men, we must treat our wives, lead our churches, disciple young followers and live in singleness as if it were the promised day of His return.  One day it will be that day without doubt.  So watch for Him, watch for young men that need you and need discipleship.  Watch for your opportunity to share the good news with anyone, anytime.  Watch for God’s move and His spirit and join His movement. We often are trying to create or recreate something He is already doing.  Watch for the spirit of God and jump on board.  Watch your walk. Watch for His voice in His word. Watch for worship. Watch for faith. Watch for hope. Watch for integrity. Watch for restoration. Watch for forgiveness. Watch for a new generation.
     Watch with a purpose.  Watch with eyes that are in covenant with your God.  Watch for an enemy that is on the prowl for you, your family, your church and for our fellow brothers in Christ.  Watch the word every day.

The Weather   Ephesians 4:14  “Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind…”
    The weather will always change. The wind will blow and the storms will come. Your boat so to speak will always be rocked.  So watch the weather – changing temperatures, changing times, changing winds and adjust accordingly.  If your life is like the weather, then you must adjust accordingly for a greater purpose.  Don’t quit because it is a bad day.  Don’t hide away because rain is falling. Don’t give up because the waves of life are rocking your world.  Here is your weather alert – It will be rough here, but you will overcome the world in Christ.  He is stronger than the storms. He can calm us and calm the storm.  He will be the wind that moves us, fills our sails and guides us as the holy spirit within.  Paul told the Ephesians to “grow up,” don’t remain infants tossed around by any teaching.  Paul pushes believers to weather the storms. Through Paul, God has shared truth – don’t stay babies in your faith.  Grow in the word and in the power of God’s spirit so you won’t be easily shaken. You will feel and experience His power to keep us on track. You will stand firm against the wind.  You will be a living example of consistency even when the winds of this world are blown against you and yours. 
God bless your adventure.  Stay in the WORD.  Heed the WARNINGS.  Be sure to remain on WATCH and adjust to the WEATHER.
Pastor Ron McClung

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